Corporate Coaching

The results of a survey conducted by ‘Investors in People’ in 2006 reported to show that 85% of staff surveyed in companies were unhappy with the amount of interest that was shown in their development.

Many cases of absenteeism and ‘presenteeism’ can be attributed to this perceived lack of interest and investment.

T Mind Corporate coaching gives staff access to Life Coaching and personal training on a one to one basis. With a coach working on a contract retainer basis companies can offer staff the opportunity of not only help with issues they are facing but also personal development coaching. Through this preventative method we are able to deal with things before they become major issues, thus limiting the amount of ‘fire fighting’ for HR.

This service is offered to staff as a personal support service. All sessions are conducted on a completely confidential basis with the individual clients and no report is made back to the company on individual coaching session only the hours of coaching undertaken (face to face or by telephone). This may be offered to staff in the similar way as health insurance and is an ideal way to invest in the people in your company.

Based on the number of staff to be included in the program we would agree the number of hours needed on site each month in addition to staff also having access at other time for coaching via telephone.


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